H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Memory game for teaching search toolsMemory Game
2Predatory Journals and Vanity PublishingImage Hotspots
3Create your own 'Responsible use of metrics' statement.Essay
4Commonly used metrics termsFind The Words
5This means thisDrag the Words
9Why does Google Scholar record higher numbers of citations?Multiple Choice
10Can this be true?Column
11Grey Literature vs. Scholarly LiteratureFlashcards
12Answer me thisColumn
13Deceptive Journals and Vanity PublishingFind Multiple Hotspots
14Open Access ModelsAccordion
16Interesting statistics about preprintsMemory Game
17Fill the blanksFill in the Blanks
18Find the different plagiarism types in the grid below.Find The Words
19Types of DataImage Pair
21Types of metadataAccordion
23Metadata schemasAccordion
24Data Format MatchQuestion Set
25ORCID iD and ORCID ProfileTrue/False Question
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